About Income Hook

Who I Am?

My name is Nuon Narin. I am living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am a part-time new blogger who is freakishly interested in making money online via internet marketing. Besides I am also a web developer at a private recruitment company in the city.

What this blog does for you?

Incomehook.com is designed to guide those who are interested in earning online income. Basically, I write to guide beginner blogger to make money online. I use simple English level to help you understand things quicker. My posts cover mainly on understanding how internet marketing works like getting to know concepts and steps of making money with affiliate marketingGoogle Adsense, and building visitor traffic tips.

Why I like blogging?

The world is online, so besides working as a full-time web developer, I like to spend time working on the internet. I like searching and sharing what I know to other people- it’s the art people should have. One thing is that writing is my hobby and want to make it more than hobby even English is not my native language. Especially, blogging is free writing style- I don’t have to follow any rule restriction. Making people understand my writing is my job.

What I believe & hope?

Passion creates new thing! Challenges are magic teachers to learn from! Rules kills people creativity and advancement! I hate rules sometimes and they may not work with me all the time. I broke some of them sometimes.

What I hope? Well, I want to make my blog popular in the future. I look forwards to building network and partnership with professional bloggers in the world. Or if you would like just to help me, your comment is highly appreciated.

Contact & Comment me?

As a person, I am open-minded. I like to hear constructive feedback, but not personal attack to make this new blog better.

If you encounter any problems or have concern regarding posts and other things, please kindly fill out the contact form and submit it to me. I will reply and fix things as quick as I could.

Anyway, I will not approve or reply any serious comments- things related with political or social matters. In one word, don’t leave me comment that affects individuals, group of people, or any particular race of people etc.

Thank you for dropping by and read my blog!